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Online Safety for Parents

What is online safety?


The SWGfl charity describes Online Safety as being aware of the nature of the possible threats that you could encounter whilst engaging in activity through the Internet, these could be security threats, protecting and managing your personal data, online reputation management, and avoiding harmful or illegal content. 


It has previously been called e-safety or internet safety but Online Safety better encompasses the entirety of the topic it refers to. While cybersecurity protects devices and networks from harm by third parties, Online Safety aims to help support and protect the people using them from harm by the devices and networks (and therefore third parties) through awareness, education, information and technology (SWGfl, 2023). 


What is this page for?

At St. Andrew's we understand that technology and the online world is a major part of our children's lives and futures so we aim to equip them with the confidence and capability to use it safely through our Computing curriculum. A big part of children staying safe online is parents confidence and understanding of the online world. This page is designed to support parents with helping keep your children safer online.