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Lesson 1

Before starting the topic - have a go at filling in the KWL chart, thinking about what you would like to find out about the Bronze Age.

Using the Introduction to the Bronze Age PowerPoint and the fact cards, what can you find out about the Bronze Age. Record any findings on the Research Map.

Lesson 2

Investigate how the lifestyle of humans changed from Stone Age to Bronze Age through to Iron Age. Focus specifically on the development of houses.

Lesson 3

Research Round Houses. Have a go at drawing and labelling your own Round House. Or if you prefer - get creative and have a go at making a 3D model of a Round House.

Lesson 4

Look back at the fact cards about the Bronze Age. Think about what tools and weapons were needed to survive in the Bronze Age. Can you design a tool to help with the Bronze Age lifestyle. Think about it's purpose.

Lesson 5

Using the information you already have. How did tools and weaponry develop in the Iron Age to support their lifestyles? Think about their lifestyles now, living on Hill Forts, with farming land and people around them. What would they need tools for? Why?

Lesson 6

This would be your assessment piece. Can you put together a short video, PowerPoint or poster to advertise a tool or weapon from any time period we have looked at - Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age. 


Think about what is good about your tool/weapon: what would it's purpose be, what is it made of, how is it constructed - what was used to fix it together, why is it useful for that time period's lifestyle. Include all the knowledge you possibly can from all the previous weeks of learning.