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Hello Yellow Day 2020

Hello Yellow Day 2020

To celebrate and raise awareness of Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing we are taking part in Hello Yellow Day 2020. This is a day where we are going to be looking at the 5 stages to Wellness. 

These include:


Be Active

Take Notice

Keep Learning 



We will be watching the BBC Live Lesson 'Wellbeing: Bouncing back to class' and completing the accompanying booklet.

We will also be creating a craft to keep learning. 

See if you can do something throughout the day to promote each of the 5 stages eg,

Take part in a fitness video (Joe Wick's PE lessons are still on Youtube),

Learn a new skill eg, creating a craft or baking something new,

Give- do something for someone else eg, make someone a cup of tea or complete a chore to help out your parents

Talk to someone you may not see everyday eg, call a grandparent or auntie/uncle (always ask an adult before doing this),

Take notice, look out of your window and look for something new or in your garden can you spot the wildlife (birds/squirrels).