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Absolutely Everybody

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For all the children from the St. Andrew's staff.

Take care, stay safe and keep going.

You are all amazing!
Year 3

Hi everyone! We hope that you are all well smiley 


Once again, thank you for all of the fantastic work that you are continuing to share with us on your Class Dojo portfolios. It has been wonderful to see the range of activities that you have been completing and we are delighted to see your efforts in the tasks which are being set. If you are unsure of how to upload pictures to your portfolios, please send us a message on Class Dojo and we will point you in the right direction.


Please continue to use the links below to access work that can be completed at home. in addition to English and Maths based activities, there are links to our History unit on the Egyptians and some links to a Science unit on plants. Plants was covered in school in the Autumn term, but it would be a valuable opportuntiy to revisit the children's learning (particularly lessons 5 and 6).


If you are struggling to access the internet and would prefer to collect a set pack of work from school, please send us a message on Class Dojo and we can arrange a suitable time for you to collect this from school.


Best wishes,

Mrs Hyde, Mr Tanner and Mr Ishaq

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths have devised a fantastic home learning programme, complete with short videos and associated worksheets to embed learning. Many of you have already started these tasks and have shared some incredible work on Class Dojo. For anyone who hasn't seen the material, please use the link below to access the Year Three home learning packs. 


Unfortunately, from 11th May, the worksheets on White Rose Maths became unavailable for download. If you have reached this stage, may we suggest that you continue with the additional links to Classroom Secrets, which are shown below. We will name the lessons so that there is continuity with where we leave White Rose. 

Week beginning 8th June 2020

Please use the following links to direct you to the key learning in Maths for this week. The focus for this week is fractions: specifically, equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.


If you need any additional resources to those which are on offer, please contact us through Class Dojo and we will be happy to help.

English - Oak National Academy

This week, our focus is on continuing a story. As always, please send pictures of your work so that we can see how you are getting on with each task.

Biology Topic for Summer Term - Animals including Humans

History and Geography

This term, we are exploring the ancient Egyptian civilisation. We will use a combination of primary and secondary sources of information to explore what life was like for Egyptians. It would be great if you could make a timeline to show when this civilisation began in comparison to the modern day and to our previous topic on the Stone Age! 


Use the links below for our first two lessons: Who were the Ancient Egyptians? and What was life like for the Ancient Egyptians?

Year 4
Home Learning Tasks Week Beginning 8th June 2020
Maths: 3D shapes
Maths: Angles and Turns
Maths: Time Events and Measures of Time
R.E: The Holy Trinity
French: Body Parts, Colours and Numbers

French Support: Fun French Kids app on andriod or apple store (Free version available has a picture of cat), French with Alexa via Youtube, Duolingo (Free app needs an adult email address). 

Extra work w/c 01/06/20

This is additional Maths to consolidate prior learning- We will be updating as usual on 08/06/20

Home Learning Tasks Week Beginning 18th May 2020

With the comprehensions - choose your challenge:

1 star - Easy

2 star - Medium

3 Star - Hard


Do not print the whole document. 

Marie's Group

Home Learning Tasks - Year 4 WC 04.05.20

Maths-  Co-ordinates
Maths- Negative Numbers (This is a recap and support for using 4 quadrant co-ordinates)
Maths- Short Division (Bus Stop method-Recap from last term)
Maths Support (Marie's Group)
Science - Electricity 

Our Science topic for this half term is Electricity. There are lots of different activities that can be done. Look around your houses for things that use electricity and think whether it is essential or non essential. Identifying what type of electricity certain appliances use eg, mains power or battery powered or both. Thinking about safety and electricity - could pupils design a safety poster for Safe use of Electricity around the house - Dos and Don'ts. Maybe creating energy saving posters or reminders to put around the house to reduce the use of electricity.

Roman Recipes - These three recipes have been taken from Pintrest. If you have a go at any, be sure to check the ingredients for allergies.

**Warning** - The Roman Hardtack (biscuits) are very hard if you bake them as the instruction - be careful with your teeth if you are trying them. Alternatively, bake for the length of time you would normally bake biscuits for to ensure they are soft enough to try. 
There are many more Roman Recipes on the internet if you want to have a go at any that you may have found - many include the key ingredient Honey. 
Maths Support (Marie's Group)

New Home Learning Activities Week Commencing 20th April 2020

Some of these sheets are differentiated, your child does not have to do the same sheet 3 times they need to choose their challenge: 1* = easy, 2* = medium and 3* = challenge. 

Year 4 Home Learning Tasks for the week beginning 6th April 2020

Year 4 Maths Measure Workbook - containing length, time and money


This half term, we would like you to have a go at this brilliant 7 week unit for English from Lit Film Fest. It includes a range of reading and writing activities and supports you to write and film an adventure story. The daily lessons are provided - just click on the link for each day. There are also worksheets to print. Have fun - and please share your work with us on ClassDojo. Just click on the link below to access.

Hi everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the lessons on Oak National Academy learning. Click here for lessons week beginning 18th May: 

Don't forget you can choose earlier lessons and navigate to alternative year groups if you wish -  ask us for advice  if needed.


Alternatively for maths, try following this link to ‘I See Maths’, who are running a great week of lessons on measurement:


If you would like a change for English, here is a lovely unit to support reading and writing:


If you are experiencing any difficulties or would like further support, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via ClassDojo. We are more than happy to help if you need advice, feedback, or if your child is struggling with anything.

As always, paper packs are available each week from the school office – just let us know if you require one.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss M and Miss H

Have a go at these science activities at home. Don't forget to send us pictures of your creations.
Here is a lovely mental health and  well-being challenge to try at home. 

Hi everyone, 

We have updated our Year 5 Home Learning Curriculum Map which encompasses all the main topic areas that we would have taught this term.  We have designed it to be knowledge-rich, varied, accessible and fun.  Whilst we want to provide as much help and support as we can, we don't want to add any additional pressure because we understand the difficulties that home schooling can present.  It is vitally important that your home life remains happy and positive.  Please remember we are available on ClassDojo to contact, should you need any help or support. 

If you are unable to access the online material, we are also providing alternative packs of printed work that is available for collection from the school office.  Please let us know via ClassDojo if you need this.   

Stay safe and stay in touch.

Miss M and Miss H 


Y5 Summer Term Home Learning Topics

Hi everyone!

We hope you are all enjoying being at home. We miss you lots!

Take a look at the learning project we have put together for you. Choose as many as you like to have a go at. We'd love to see pictures of your finished products - you can send them via Class Dojo.

TTRockstars, Reading Plus and Sumdog are all still available, and are excellent to go on daily. If your child has a Nessy subscription, they can continue to access this at home. If your child has phonics sessions at school, Miss Hennessy and I will contact you via private message on Class Dojo with log in details and to let you know which phase to practise.

Additionally, have a look at any of the following online learning resources:


Oxford Owls have a range of books, which are banded just like the books at school. They are offering their ebooks free for homeschooling. You just need to register.


I See Maths is a great online resource, which we use in school. Gary Metcalfe, who runs it, is offering free online lessons daily, which are well worth a watch.


Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is offering a free daily workout on his YouTube channel


Have fun, stay safe and keep in touch,

Miss McClelland and Miss Hennessy


Year 5 Learning Project


Here are some calming activities from Relax Kids. They are lovely activities for all children - your child does not need to be anxious to enjoy them, but I hope they help to calm any anxieties whilst school is closed.


Miss McClelland

Year 6