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Have a look at the SMART rules poster and the THINK before posting poster. What do you think the most important rules are when using the internet safely. 


Can you create a poster or information leaflet of how to stay safe online. 

Think about:

- Using an avatar instead of an actual picture.

- What information you put online eg, you should never give your address or personal information to anyone online.

- Having safe, secure passwords and never telling anyone these passwords. 

- always being KIND online, remember whatever you post can be there forever so make sure it is kind and respectful.

- Think about what Cyber bullying is and what to do if you feel like you are being bullied online. 


Remember, one of the most important things with online safety is to TELL! 


Speak to a responsible adult if there is anything you don't understand, if something pops up that you don't understand or makes you feel upset or if anyone has said anything hurtful or upsetting to you, always tell a responsible adult and they will help you.