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Social Media


LO: I can explain how to keep information safe when using the internet and Social Media.



Think about the SMART rules we looked at last week. 

S- safe 

M - meet

A - accept

R - reliable



Remember, always tell or ask an adult if you are not sure.


Remember the THINK rules:

T - Is it True?

H - Is it Helpful?

I - Does it Inspire?

N- Is it Necessary?

K - Is it Kind.


Remember one of the most important things when posting online is being KIND. 




- Design your own Avatar. 


- Create a Paper Social Media Wall on an A5/4 piece of paper- post (it note) on it kind things that you want to tell people. Or interesting things you have done over the week - thinking about inspiring others and being kind. 


- Write a letter that could be e-mailed to someone to keep in contact.