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Earth Watchers

About Earthwatchers


Earthwatchers are volunteers who take part in scientific research projects to help the environment.

We can’t tackle the biggest problems facing our planet without understanding them. The events of recent years have underlined the importance of science, data and members of the public working together to find solutions to the challenges we face.

Earthwatcher projects look at a range of issues, from identifying the most effective locations for tree planting initiatives to understanding how plastic pollution travels to our oceans. They are scientific projects that are designed to be enjoyable, rewarding, and fill key gaps in the data available to researchers around the world.

Anyone can take part, and we offer plenty of guidance on what you’ll need to do when you register as an Earthwatcher. Take a look at our projects to see what you can get involved with at the moment.



Become an Earthwatcher


Take part in planet-saving science 

Climate change. Biodiversity loss. Air and water pollution. The world is facing some enormous challenges. But we can’t solve them until we understand more about them, and what solutions will be most effective.

Earthwatchers are volunteers who take part in scientific research projects to fill knowledge gaps that will help the environment. The information you gather will help us understand where action needs to be taken, and what action will have the greatest impact.


Citizen science 

Most of the projects you can get involved with through Earthwatchers involve citizen science – where members of the public, who don’t necessarily have specialist training, help gather and analyse scientific data.

Citizen science is a great way for people from all walks of life to come together, connect with nature, learn about science and make a real difference to the environment. It can empower people to join the debate about the way we manage our natural resources and make change happen in their own lives.

At Earthwatch Europe we’re proud to be at the forefront of the global citizen science movement, developing and sharing best practice for the benefit of people, wildlife and nature.