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Thursday Maths lesson



We have covered the first two chapters of the book, Friend or Foe, so far. Today's tasks is to create a twitter post summarising the story so far.


Twitter posts can only have a maximum of 280 characters (including letters, punctuation and spaces).


Can you summarise the story so far in just 280 characters, including as much detail as possible? Try to include characters, locations, important points so far... the best ones we may even 'tweet' for real. Good luck!

Design and Technology


As you know from last week we are designing and making money holders, whether that be purses, wallets etc. This week's task is to research what is already available and look at how they are constructed.

  • What materials have been used?
  • How has it been 'joined'? Is it glue, stitching, or something else?
  • How do they keep the contents secure?

Use the internet to research what is already available on the market and also see if any of the companies online have a sustainability statement on their websites. This is designed to set out how the company plans to use more sustainable practises in its day-to-day running and become a more responsible contributor to the marketplace.