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Decimals as fractions



We are continuing to look at Friend or Foe. 


Today we are going to study Chapter 2 and make some predictions about what might happen as the story continues. Rather than read the text, I've found a link to a video with the text being read. Listen to the link that I've posted and then go to the powerpoint below. On the PowerPoint, you'll find some key questions that you can note down some responses to and post back to me. The most important thing is that you follow what is happening in the story so, if you need to, re-listen to the video if you think it'll help you understand it better.



This week we are studying the Blitz. I've posted some links to a couple of helpful websites and you can do your own research at home. What I'd like you to do over the next few days is create a knowledge organiser all about the Blitz. It is up to you what goes into it, but ideally it should be one side of A4 and be packed full of key facts, perhaps maps or diagrams, related to the Blitz. You may even decide to include some information about evacuees too.


Once your done, send me a picture of what you've done. This will also be the afternoon task for Tuesday and Wednesday so you can spread it out.