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Week beginning 7th February 2022



In English, we are learning about Haiku poems! Haiku poems originate from Japan and typically have a nature theme.


They have 3 lines in one stanza and each line has a certain amount of syllables. (5 - 7 - 5 syllables!)

1st line - 5 syllables 

2nd line - 7 syllables

3rd line - 5 syllables


They may have a rhythm, but they don't have to rhyme!


Work through the PowerPoint to learn about the rules of Haiku poems and to help you create your own Haiku poem! 


Find the documents required for the lessons attached. 



This week, we are working on long multiplication. It is very tricky, so don't be worried if you find it a bit difficult!

Work through the PowerPoint and complete one lesson at a time. 


Lesson 1 - I can multiply 2 digits by 2 digits using the formal method. 

Lesson 2 - I can multiply 3 digits by 2 digits using the formal method.


You can find the work sheets for each lesson attached.



We are focusing on the artist Henri Rousseau. He is a French artist, born 1844. He is a Post-Impressionist painter and he typically paints jungle scenes with different animals.


Follow the PowerPoint to look at Henri Rousseau's art, then watch the tutorial on the following link:

Henri Rousseau Tigers - YouTube


Have a go at drawing a tiger similar to Henri Rousseau's art! Bring it into school to colour using the wax crayons and to add to our display!