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Week Beginning 18th October

Home Learning Week Beginning 18th October 2021


Good morning year 5!


We're here again, I really hope you're all well at home and aren't going too stir crazy - only four days until half term! I want to say thank you so much for all the work you put in last week, I was really pleased with how you got on. If there are any bits you missed, particularly the maths, please go back and try to complete as much of that as you can before starting on this week's work.
I also want to reiterate that this home learning work is only for if you are feeling well and able. If you are  unwell please do not push yourself to complete school work, focus on getting better!

Apologies this has become quite a long page. Scroll down to find maths  then English then guided reading for the week.


Mr H




This week we have completed our work on addition and subtraction and are moving onto statistics - that is graphs and tables- the fun stuff!! Try and take it day by day and again send work over to me on dojo once complete.




I can interpret bar charts.

Today is a little different as I wanted it as a recap of bar-charts and information on tables. 
I've started by creating a bar chart of my WILD weekend including the variety of unhealthy snacks I enjoyed once my sense of taste was back...

A Bar Chart Showing Mr Hinett's Chocolate Consumption this Weekend

Activity 1. Explore my bar chart and create some questions you could ask. Some sentence prompts have been laid out to the side you could use, however some of them are tricks! Which of the questions could the data on my bar-chart not answer?


Activity 2. You have a choice! Either complete the worksheet below on interpreting data.


OR you can create your own bar chart. This may be difficult as you won't have square paper (and hopefully don't eat as much chocolate as me). Finding something to collect data on might be tricky so I'm open to you being creative! Essentially you need something you can count. You might want to search the house for items of different colours - 10 red items, 6 green etc. Or if you're a football fan show some statistics from the weekend! Man city scored 17 goals and United 0 etc. (I'm writing this last Friday and may live to regret this...)
Your bar-chart should include;

-labelled axis (the sides).

-numbered scale up the side.



I can solve problems from data.




I can read line graphs

Thursday 21st October

I can read and interpret line graphs


Use the line graph showing the number of sweets outside a house on Halloween two complete the table and then answer the questions. 


We're going to write spooky poems!

Now I'm not going to put the whole week's activities up for fear of you rushing through it all...



L.O. I can map the story for a narrative poem



The Tale of the Three Brothers (HD)

Watch this wonderful clip from the final Harry Potter book, the tale of the three brothers. We will be telling the story from the perspective of Death himself.

Once you've watched through the clip twice I would like you to complete a story map  of how Death saw the story. This is a pictorial version of the story that you could use to retell  it to someone else, it might contain words, but not many.

Focus on how Death is feeling at each point - certainly after the deal he would feel delighted that he has tricked the brothers. What does he think of each of them? The fool who picked the wand? Does he laugh when each of them fails? Perhaps he searches all over the world for the third brother and is frustrated.


Once you have completed your 'story map' use your pictures to tell a family member the story.

Example story maps

Tuesday 18th October


LO: (E) I can describe characters in a narrative.


Follow the powerpoint to first recap some of the features of a poem, then use the table to describe the brothers in the story. If you can think of some similies that you might use in your poem tomorrow. 



Wednesday/Thursday 20th/21st October.


Over the next two days I would like you to write narrative poems retelling the story of the three brothers from Death's point of view. The powerpoint will go through how to structure it as well as a lovely beginning of an example (WAGOLL).


However I completely understand that a poem might be tricky at home. If you would prefer to write a narrative story retelling the story instead that would be wonderful too. Just remember to include how death is feeling at each point! 


Good luck and I can't wait to read them - your story maps were fantastic!

Guided Reading


I've put up two different activities that you can work through during the week. The first is a standard VIPERS comprehension activity about female mountaineers, you should be able to complete this independently.

The second is the 'News Shed' paper. It is something which we have looked at in class which I love, it is a weekly newspaper for KS2 children complete with fun articles and even a sports section at the back! Completing this will be more of a challenge (enjoy it!), do not try to complete all of the question pages. Choose one article you are interested in - the deer with a necklace maybe - and answer the page of questions with it on! If you've learned something interesting discuss it with your family at home, that's what newspapers are for.