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Week Beginning 11th October

Home Learning Week Beginning 11th October


Maths - Subtraction

Use the lesson videos to help you, though many of you may be able to work through the worksheets independently.

Please send them to your class teacher on dojo once complete.
Mr H

English - How mountains are formed explanation texts.


This week we are working on explanation texts. We began learning their features last week and now we are applying these skills to explaining how different types of mountains are formed. 

You're very lucky to be completing this at home as you have all the resources of the internet to help you! Feel free to complete extra research on different mountains to include in your writing, add interesting pictures, or even complete it on a computer. Take advantage of the situation!

Lesson powerpoints for the week

Monday Worksheet - Simple activities for understanding causal conjunctions

Tuesday- 'Boxing up grid' for planning your writing on the 4 mountain types.


By this point you should be ready to begin writing your explanation texts. 

Ensure you include sub-headings for four paragraphs on the different mountain types, each paragraph should have causal conjunctions.

An introduction could include an explanation of tectonic plates and convection currents, things that are vital to understanding how all of the mountain types are formed.

Guided Reading


I've included two different guided reading texts that you can complete at your leisure throughout the week. The 'making a mountain' text will be particularly useful for your English writing.