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Week Beginning 10th January 2022



Revisit 'The Journey' to refresh your memory of the narrative. Watch the video on the following link: The Journey by Francesca Sanna - YouTube.


Work through the PowerPoint when possible, completing one lesson per day.


We have focused on the narrative 'The Journey', which involves a refugee family travelling away from their home country filled with war and conflict, in hope to find a better standard of living elsewhere. Think about what issues and dilemmas the family face during their journey. We do not know the ending of the narrative, however we do know that the family are travelling on a train. I would like you to develop the story further. What further issues and dilemmas might the family face? How might they overcome this? How will you decide to end the story?







When possible work through the PowerPoint, complete one lesson per day. Complete any work on paper if you have access to it.


We are focusing on perimeter and area! 



We are learning about the Sun, Moon and planets in our Solar System. We all know that the Earth is spherical (round) but many many years ago people thought very differently! Throughout many civilizations, individuals believed that the Earth was flat and the Sun, Moon and other planets orbited around the Earth! This idea was called the Geocentric theory. Eventually, scientists questioned this theory and began to evolve theories which suggested the Earth WAS spherical and it orbited around the SUN. This theory is called the Heliocentric theory. This started to make much more sense to scientists and the theory was developed further! 


Work through the PowerPoint to learn all about these two theories and complete the activity included.



Please practise this week's spellings, remember you can access Spelling Shed to play spelling games!