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Good afternoon year 5.

Okay we're back for some more space! 
This lesson has two mini Learning Objectives;

L.O. (s) I can explain how we know that the Earth and Planets are spherical.
L.O.  (s) I can explain how we know that the Earth and Planets orbit the sun.

Firstly my apologies, the video is a long one. Too long really as I tried to cover both topics in one afternoon. I settle in and try to follow along, I didn't do the best job containing my excitement for this one.

Following that there are two tasks;
Task 1
Complete the 2 worksheets, the first goes through some knowledge of the history of astronomy and the second one asks you to evaluate some of the evidence that tells us how we know the Earth is a sphere.

Task 2 

A mini-research task. Find out the most interesting/wacky/creative belief from history for the reasons why the sun moved in the sky. Of course mine is that the Egyptians believed that the sun was being pushed by a giant dung beetle.

Science 20.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video

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