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We have started the term exploring the meaning of responsibility and sustainable development, as they are our Christian Value and Global Goal for the term. 




In English, we have addressed the different responsibilities which we have in different settings and have discussed what may happen if we do not fulfil those responsibilities. Our Global Goal links with our current text, Varmints by Helen Ward. This prize-winning picture book depicts the impact of the industrial revolution on nature and how we can work to preserve the natural beauty of the world. 









In Maths, we are focusing on fractions. We have identified the different types of fractions, including improper fractions, unit and non-unit fractions and mixed numbers. We have also begun to add and subtract fractions and will apply this to solve problems. 


Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks

Click the link above to select some fun fractions games!






In Geography, we are about to explore the coast. With our current Global Goal of Sustainable Development, we are going to think specifically about how we can preserve the natural beauty of our world for future generations to enjoy. 


If the children would like to send in any of their pictures from past holidays by the coast, we would love to add them to our working wall!


School Learning Zone - Our Coast (

Here is some useful information about our topic, it has some fantastic facts which the children may enjoy researching. 



It is all things Pop Art in Year 5 at the moment! The children have learnt a little about Andy Warhol and are using his bold colour choices and repeated patterns to create their own material.