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Now that you have had a couple of days to read this week's text, have a go at answering these questions:


  1. Do you think this scene is set in the day of at night? Why?
  2. Find the word ‘huddled’. If the spectators are ‘huddled’, does it suggest that the night is warm or cold?
  3. Why do you think the writer refers to the fire as being ‘caged’?
  4. When the beast is ‘fed’, what do you think it is eating?
  5. If the ‘beast’ were to ‘bite’ somebody, what would happen to him or her?
  • They’d be scratched?
  • They’d be bitten?
  • They’d be burnt?

   6. Who is the main character in this scene, the storyteller or the campfire?

   7. Why is it more likely the storyteller will tell a tale of horror than a comedy or love story?

   8. What feature of figurative language has been used in this scene?