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Good afternoon year 5!

No wacky fitness video for you this afternoon, if you're missing our faces make sure you're having a go at Mrs Trigg's daily challenges you can find here;

However we do have a fun challenge for you, it's a fitness activity based on your name! 

Write down each letter from your name and the movements that go with it. If you are feeling super fit, do this for your first, middle and surnames! You could even work with the others in your house and do BOTH of your names together!

For example I need to do;
M – 30 air punches
R – Bend and touch your toes twenty times (Can't do this...)

H – Hop like a frog 8 times

I – Balance on your left foot for the count of 10 (I'll try...)

N – Plank hold for as long as you can (6 seconds maybe)

E –Hop on 1 leg around the room

T – 10 push ups
T – 10 push ups (Another 10!?!?!?!)

Now now now I know what you're thinking, Mr Hinett I'll just use the short version of my name! Well push yourself, use Jonathon not Jon, or Benjamin instead of Tom! 

Let us know how you get on, I want to see a class of Thors when we come back!