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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governor's section.


Our Governing Board has a key role to play in supporting the school, and acts as a 'critical friend' to the school.  We meet regularly during the year and ensures that the children are kept healthy and safe, that they are taught well and make progress, and that they are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum. The Governing Board makes sure that all legal responsibilities of the school are fulfilled and that future plans are clear and well thought out. We are also involved with all new school appointments and in setting and monitoring the school budget.


The members of the Governing Board are all volunteers - some are parents, some are staff, some are members of St Andrew's Church, and some are interested people from the community.  They all share our vision of a happy, healthy community where are all are valued and nutured and all children make the best progress they can. They also visit the school outside of more formal meetings to see the school in action, and you may well see them around school with their 'Governor' badges on.  Several of our Governors have served for more than one term of office, and we value the commitment of all our Governors to the school.


The Governing Board is always seeking ways to improve our practice and governance.  Training is available for all Governors, both new and continuing.  We are currently looking for another co-opted governor to join our board, particularly someone with skills in resource management (finance, HR, buildings, etc).  If you or someone you know are interested please do get in touch.


Below you will find information on our Governing Board, its membership and its structure and organisation.  If you require any more information please contact the Chair of Governors, Mrs Nikki Goodhew, through the school office.

Governing Board Membership


Please note this table is not yet complete. Please contact the school office with any queries.




End of term of office



Areas of Responsibility

 Mrs Nikki Goodhew






 Resource Management

 Teaching and Learning

 Strategic Development

 Performance Management




 Mrs Sarah Gabriel




 Teaching and Learning (Chair)

 Performance Management

 Strategic Development

 History, Modern Languages

 Mrs Amanda Cornwall




 Resource Management

 Teaching and Learning

 Strategic Development


Vacant Foundation      Teaching and Learning Geography
Mrs J Leach  Parent   07/07/2020    Teaching and Learning  Maths

 Mrs E Leyland





Mr Tim Woods




 Resource Management

 Health & Safety, ICT

 Mr John Roberts




 Resource Management

 RE, Art

 Mrs Claire Smith 






Mrs Jo Lythgoe Co-Opted   23/06/2020 Vice-Chair  Resource Management PSHE, PE

 Mrs Elizabeth Strek




 Teaching and Learning

 Pupil Premium, Literacy

Mrs Zuzana Powley




 Teaching and Learning



1Foundation governors are nominated by the PCC of St Andrew’s Church and appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education.  They are usually members of St Andrew’s Church. 


2The incumbent (Vicar) of St Andrew’s Church is an ex-officio governor by virtue of their office, as set out in the Instrument of Governance.  However, where they are unable or unwilling to serve, the PCC of St Andrew’s Church can apply to the Archdeacon of Chesterfield to nominate a replacement.  This has happened here and Mrs Nikki Goodhew has been appointed as a Foundation Governor by the Archdeacon in place of the current incumbent.


3Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Board.


4The Headteacher is an ex-officio governor by virtue of their position.


5Parent governors are elected by the parents of the school.


6Staff governors are elected by the staff of the school.


7LEA governors are appointed by the Local Authority, Derbyshire County Council.


Meetings 2018/19




Focus (FGB only)

Teaching & Learning Committee



Strategic Management Committee



Full Governing Board


Pupil Premium

Resource Management Committee



Full Governing Board



Teaching & Learning Committee



Full Governing Board



Resource Management Committee



Full Governing Board


RE; Safeguarding

Teaching & Learning Committee



Full Governing Board



Resource Management Committee



Full Governing Board





Structure of the Governing Board


The diagram below shows how our Governing Board is structured.



For more details, please see the following document.