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Monday 18th January 2020

L.O. MD4 I can multiply 3 digits by 2 using the formal column method.

Gooooood morning year 5,

I hope you've all had a cracking, chilled weekend and are ready to ease back into the week.

This morning the first thing to show you is the week's new review sheet. As last week try and do one little section a day, it's a great opportunity to practise (and not forget) the work we've done over the last few weeks and months. Please have a go and send it back to us!

Today's maths is a continuation of what you were working on last week with Mr Ishaq. We're just taking this slow with lots of extra practise on the process of column multiplication. If you've already got it, brilliant! This will still be useful practise for you. If it's a struggle go through my examples on the video and hopefully a  couple more ways of explaining will help.


Maths Video

Still image for this video

Today's worksheet. Can I make one additional request that when you submit the work please let me know how you're getting on with the column method. Are you doing these independently and confidently or do you still need a lot of help?

Rockstars update to come...