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Goooood morning Year 5!

L.O. I can create a knowledge organiser about fractions.

Well we've finally made it, our final day of home learning! I can't tell you how excited everyone is to have you all back in on Monday...though I've got a lot of tidying in the classroom to do.

Now as you have worked so so hard over the last few months I thought we'd let you have a bit of freedom this morning. Knowledge organisers have been incredibly useful for a range of subjects this year, think back to the ones you've used for topics on grammar, geography, science or history. But they're always more useful if you make them personalised to you!

So today is a chance for you to make your own knowledge organiser based on everything you've learned about fractions. I'm going to put a list of suggested topics, but please feel free to put in anything you think you'll find useful!


Suggested fractions topics;

-The different parts of a fraction and what they represent (numerator and denominator).

-Visual representations of fractions (draw some pictures!).

-Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions.

-Finding equivalent fractions.

-How to add and subtract fractions.

-Any golden rules or top tips you can think of!

I'm going to put some templates and examples below, but please feel free to make them however works for you! I can't wait to see what you come up with!