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February 1st 2021

L.O. I can explain what a fraction is.

Wow can you believe it we're on February already!
Another massive congratulations on getting through division, I think by the end it was really clicking for a lot of you which is so so promising!


Now we're moving on to fractions. As I say in the video this should be something to be excited about! It really links into your every day life, everywhere you look around you - not just in chocolate and pizza - you'll find fractions and so once you start thinking about then visually they really prove useful!

Apologies again, this video is a really long one. I just wanted to go over lots of the basics of fractions that you will have done in previous years so that you're more prepared for the next few weeks.

First things first, this week's review booklets.

Maths 1 2 21q