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Houdini does it again!

Have a go at completing all of the questions below. Try and remember to write your answers in complete sentences.


  1. Name the following: 

  • The newspaper 

  • The journalist 

  • The photographer 


  2. Who is this report about and what did he do? 


  3. In which season did this event happen, spring, summer, autumn or winter? There are two clues that tell us        this – what are they? 


  4. Was the atmosphere exciting or boring? Find and copy a phrase that tells you this. 


  5. Was this Houdini’s first ever escape? Write the word in the headline that tells you this.  


  6. Do you think the reporter enjoyed reporting this event? Why? 


  7. If Houdini was alive today, what would you like to ask him and why?