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Cragworth Cottage


Now that we are a little more familiar with the text, have a go at answering the following questions. If you are finding it a little difficult, don't panic! Just answer as many questions as you can.


Remember, try to write in complete sentences rather than providing short phrases. Please send a picture of your work onto your Class Dojo portfolio.


  1. In what part of Britain is Cragworth Cottage? 
  2. Name two things you can do when you stay at Cragworth Cottage. 
  3. Is the castle ‘near’ or ‘far away’ from the cottage? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. 
  4. TRUE or FALSE... Babies can stay at the cottage. TRUE or FALSE dogs can stay at the cottage. 
  5. Which words in the text tell us that the breakfast is big and filling? 
  6. Find examples of warm, friendly and inviting words.  
  7. Why do you think this text begins with a quote and 4 thistles? 
  8. What type of holidaymaker do you think would enjoy Cragworth Cottage the most? Why?