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Guided Reading

Have a go at completing all of the questions below. Try and remember to write your answers in complete sentences.


  1. Does the use of the word ‘brink’ suggest... 

  • The Iron Man was standing quite close to the edge of the cliff. 
  • The Iron Man was standing on the very edge of the cliff. 
  • The Iron Man was far away from the edge of the cliff. 


   2. Is this scene set during the day or at night? How do you know? 


   3. Find and copy a phrase, which describes the strength of the wind that night. 


   4. When the Iron Man falls, is it quiet or noisy? List the words that have been used to describe his fall. 


   5. When the Iron Man breaks up, was it into many pieces or only one or two? How do you know? 


   6. Was the sea calm on the night the Iron Man fell? What makes you think this? 


   7. Find, copy and name the examples of figurative language in this piece of writing.