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LO: (G) I can give my opinion about the quality of the environment and about Hadfield now, then and in the future. 

Friday 12th February

Goooood afternoon Year 5,

So we've come to the end of our geography unit learning about our local area of Hadfield.
For today watch through the video where I talk about how towns and cities could improve in the future, then have a go at thinking of how you would change Hadfield to be a city of the future.


12.2.21 geog.mp4

Still image for this video

Your task is to think about and design Hadfield of the future. You must include all of these features of a modern town;

Waste disposal


Make sure you just complete ONE of the options below to demonstrate your knowledge.

You could complete it as a map (Make sure you add labels)

You could complete it as a leaflet

Or you could have a go at recording your own informational video, just like how Dr Rocky talked about the town of Songdo.