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Friday 8.1.21 --- ENGLISH AND SCIENCE

English Grammar - Relative Clauses

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Guided Reading - 'The Magpie Girl'


Answer the following questions on the above text.


  1. Which bird is the main character of this story associated with? 

  1. What is this bird well known for? 

  1. How might this knowledge inform you about the girl’s character? 

  1. Find and copy the simile used to describe the apples. 

  1. Why do you think the girl repeats, “It’s only one apple. It’s only one apple.”? 

  1. How does the girl feel about stealing? 

  1. Why does the magpie girl think a stolen apple will taste differently from one which has been bought? 

  1. Was it right for the magpie girl to steal the apple? 


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Video and PowerPoint

Science - example poems of life cycles