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French (MFL)

This half term we will be focusing on the weather, seasons and clothing in French.


Le Temp et Les Saisons

(the weather and the seasons)


Q: Quel temps fait-il ?

Q: What is the weather like?


Answers can have a few different ways to start.


Il fait...

Il y a...



You need to learn when to use each type of sentence starter.

It’s … Il fait …  
  nice out   beau  
  hot   chaud  
  cool   frais  
  cold   froid  
  humid   humide  
  heavy/close   lourd  
  cloudy   nuageux  
  stormy   orageux  
  bad weather   mauvais  
It’s   Il y a …  
  sunny   du soleil  
  windy   du vent  
  foggy   du brouillard
It’s …   Il …    
  raining   pleut (pleuvoir)
  pouring   pleut à verse
  snowing   neige (neiger)
  freezing   gèle (geler)


Be careful as French is not a phonetic language and pronunciation is different from spelling. 

You might need to check how to say some of these using Youtube or Google Translate.


The French Weather & Seasons

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