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Good morning!

Today, we are building on the issues that have presented themselves in our key text. Watch the video below so that you know what to do for your independent work.


Still image for this video

Questions for Philosophical Discussion 

  1. Should we allow animals to live anywhere on the planet? 
  2. When should we prevent animals from living near humans? 
  3. Should we step in if one animal species is destroying another? 
  4. Are some animals more important than others? 
  5. Are humans more important than animals? 
  6. Should animals eat other animals? 
  7. Should humans eat animals? 
  8. Does it matter if animals become extinct? 


In your answers, remember to include one of the following causal conjunctions:

  • because
  • even though
  • as a result
  • therefore
  • consequently
  • so
  • accordingly