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This week, the children are going to apply all of their learning about the formation of different mountain types into an explanation text. Remember to include the following key features:


  • A main heading, which is posed as a question

  • An introduction

  • Sub-headings

  • Causal conjunctions (as a result, consequently, due to the fact, for the reason, therefore) and time conjunctions (meanwhile, first, last, next, then, finally, eventually)

  • Diagrams/Pictures with captions


Use one of the boxing up sheets displayed below to plan your writing. The first column is where you should organise your sub-headings; the second column is where you organise your facts; and the final column is where you can record specific conjunctions, technical vocabulary that you will include in each sub-heading.


Once you have planned your writing, have a go at writing your first draft of an explanation text. Maybe you could add some diagrams or pictures?