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LO: I can write a description of being on the London Eye.


In today's lesson, we are firstly going to learn a little more about our storyteller, Ted. In the chapters we have read, we begin to learn that Ted does and says things that may be a little different to things that you say and do. We are going to explore why that is. 


Then, we are going to complete a short writing activity about the London Eye experience. Please watch the video for some guidance and use the slow-write prompts to guide you through the content of each paragraph.


Still image for this video

Amazing Things Happen - by Alexander Amelines

London Eye POV Time Lapse

Slow-write prompts for Orange and Blue group

Purple group

LO: I can create an advertisement about the London Eye


I would like you to create a range of expanded noun phrases and use these to create an advertisement poster for the London Eye. Make it eye-catching and be sure to use adjectives that will make the reader want to experience this ride.