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Blue group and Orange group

LO: I can answer questions about a text.


There are three videos to watch today, as we explore the first two chapters of our key text, 'The London Eye Mystery'.


Once you have watched the lessons, have a go at completing the VIPERS question sheet at the bottom of this page.

Purple group

LO: I can sequence events and make predictions.

Watch the video for Chapter One of our key text and sequence the following four events.


  • Salim waves to Kat and Ted as he gets onto the London Eye.
  • A stranger gives Ted, Kat and Salim a free ticket.
  • Ted describes the London Eye.
  • Salim doesn't get off of the London Eye - he has disappeared! 



Once you have these events in the correct order, I would like you to record your predictions about what has happened to Salim. Remember to use your BOBS conjunctions (But, Or, Because, So - remember the comma before these conjunctions), to make sure that your explanations are thorough!



English lesson

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Chapter One

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Chapter Two

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Independent task for Blue group and Orange Group