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L.O. (E) I can write a persuasive letter.

Our final lesson on your WONDERFUL persuasive letters.
Today I'm asking you to write the final (short) paragraph and then write up a final draft that we can send off to Mr Eustice.
Watch the video for full details.
Here are some example sentence starters for that final paragraph; 

I urge you to... 

I compel you to... 

After reading this letter, I hope that... 

Then complete your letter with Yours sincerely, (name)

Here's a checklist for your final draft that you can either write or type up;

  • School address on the right 

  • Mr Eustice’s address on the left 

  • Dear, 

  • Introduction 

  • Point 1 

  • Point 2 

  • Closing 

  • Your Sincerely 

  • Name 

English 4.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video