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Continuing with our learning on place value, please complete one of the two worksheets shown above. Don't forget to submit your work onto Class Dojo so that we can mark your fantastic work!

English - identifying features of non-chronological reports and using them to write a paragraph of our own.

Task 1 - Have a look for the key features in one of the reports shown above. They are graded as 1 star, 2 star, 3 star (3 being the more challenging text).

Task 2 - watch the following 'Deadly 60' clip (stop at 3m 21s)

On the first watch, just pay attention. On the second watch, decide upon some potential sub-headings and write notes under each one.

Task 3 - using your notes, see if you can write a paragraph, which includes some of the key features. Here is my WAGOLL:


Why are tigers endangered?
All animals are considered endangered when their numbers drop dangerously low. Unfortunately, all 36 species of the cat family are at risk of extinction. None more so than the tiger, where there are less than 3,200 left in the wild.
One of the reasons why the number of tigers is falling, is because of the distinctive markings on their fur. For many years, tigers have been hunted and killed so that their fur can satisfy human desire.