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POV project. (Persistence Of Vision)


PCB. 1 Copper coated board.
PCB. 2 Disk shaped PCB.

The first item we  made at science club, back in September, was a printed circuit board in the shape of a disk. A disk shape has been chosen for reasons of safety, there are no exposed edges which could cause injury when the disk is spinning.

The PCB started out as a copper coated fibreglass board, with the design  ironed on the copper side, the whole board was then submerged in a solution of Sodium per sulphate, a chemical that dissolves copper. This left only the copper tracks required for the project.

Picture 1 Solder side of PCB.
Picture 2 Fully populated PCB with battery box.
The board then had to be populated with components, resistors, LED's, transistors and some link wires. To complete the PCB disk a battery box was connected and alot of testing followed to make sure the components worked in the way they should.
When the disk is spinning it won't be possible to have anything connected to it, so in order to make alterations to the display we will use an infrared remote control.

Remote control.

Remote control. 1
Remote control. 2